Hustler F

hustler stand
Born 2012, great size, steed, dark brown (bay)
Father: Florencio, Mother: Bouvardia F.
Very promising for the future
Mother Bouvardia F is Z1 dressage
Aunt Scabiosa F is Z2 dressage
Aunt Viola F is ZZZ dressage classified
look under breeding family 2109 for further info

See him here at Youtube

Fenora S

Fenora S
Fenora S

Born 2010, 1,66m, mare, dark brown (bay)
Father: Vittorio, Mother: Vianora C
Look under breeding family 567 for further info

See her here at YouTube


I am Beauty Utopia F

Born 2013, middle size, mare, black
Father: Bretton Woods, mother: Beautifull Utopia.
From one of the best dressage pedigrees of The Netherlands.
Look under breeding family 8 for further info.

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